SpecGrade LED Achieves Certification for Horticulture Lighting and Approved by DLS with Its Grow Lights

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SpecGrade LED, a US-based industrial LED lighting manufacturer, announced its progress of LED grow light. Its horticultural lighting products have been certificated by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and approved by the DesignLights Consortium (DLS).

The company’s LED grow light series, the Verta-8 and Verta-4, acquired the UL 8800 Certification offered by UL. The certification was set due to the uniquely harsh environment of a grow facility, where dust, dampness, and air debris combined with high temperatures and humidity combine to create a unique environment for lighting fixtures. The UL 8800 also takes into account a variety of performance testing to acknowledge the unique requirements of plants to produce biochemical growth under artificial light.

Meanwhile, the DLC also included SpecGrade LED grow light in its Qualified Products List, certifying the Verta-8 and Verta-4 grow lights for energy rebate eligibility. The DLC recently rolled out criteria specific to horticulture, which utilities and legal bodies can use to set energy efficiency standards and incentives for cultivators. DLC ratings are based on hard data generated by certified third-party testing labs.

The certification means that SpecGrade LED Grow Lights qualify professional growers to receive valuable utility rebates in their operating jurisdiction when specifying SpecGrade LED lighting fixtures.

Grow lighting fixtures approved by the DLC also serve a valuable purpose in the larger concerns of energy conservation, allowing industrial grow operations to reduce their carbon footprint along with their electricity bill.