Osram Launches New Ambient Light Sensor and Extends Managing Board Contracts of CFO and CTO

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Osram Opto Semiconductors has added SFH 5701 A01, a new ambient light sensor (ALS) with integrated circuitry (IC) to its automotive sector portfolio.

When driving under the sun, drivers often have difficulties reading the information on the satnav screen or dashboard. With the help of ambient light sensors, the backlighting of these displays can be regulated for drivers to read the details easily under all kinds of weather conditions and brightness levels.

The special filter encapsulation of the SFH 5701 A01 filters out infrared wavelengths and passes mainly green light, ensuring the surface-mountable component adapted to the spectral sensitivity of the human eye. The sensor detects light in the spectrum between 450 nm and 700 nm – the visible range for the human eye.

“The dark green encapsulation of the package of our SFH 5701 A01 offers many benefits, not least in terms of design. The component is unobtrusive in the car, particularly if installed behind a semi-transparent cover. Together with its small size and high sensitivity, this makes the component a particularly versatile and efficient solution for many different in-car applications”, said Walter Rothmund, Marketing Manager Automotive for the Emitter Laser Sensor section at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

The company also announced that it has extended the managing board contracts of CFO, Ingo Bank and CTO Stefan Kampmann. Their original assignment will expire in 2019 and were renewed for five years until 2024.